The New Online Roulette And Game Strategies

The game of roulette has always fascinated the people of casino players. The simplicity of the game and the rich winnings it can give make this game one of the most loved and sought after on the net. With the advent of online casinos, it is possible to play classic roulette from home. There are different variations of this game such as European, American, French, English, royal roulette. Some of the most beautiful online roulette can be played in the demo versions before eventually deciding to play it for real money.

As can be easily understood, every major country has created a variant, all very similar to each other. The main rule is to bet on one or more numbers and hope that the ball thrown by the dealer lands on the right one. In this regard, real mathematical strategies and methods were born online that would help (the conditional is a must) to win. One of the most followed strategies is the so-called “ Paroli System”From the French“ faire paroli ”or“ double the bet ”. The method consists in trying to place two consecutive winning bets by betting an X figure (let’s call it a token) on the first shot and only in case of winning place a new bet by doubling the amount played and adding the gain of the first win (2 coins + earning first vintia). If we are unlucky on both the first and second attempts we will end up with 2 lost coins, but in the event of a win we will end up with a profit of 3 coins.

Another method widely used by roulette players is the so-called ” D’Alembert riser ” which involves increasing the stake of one token after each lost bet and the decrease of one token of the bet after a successful bet. So in case you lose the first bet of 1 chip, you will bet 2 in the next one. If we are not lucky and the second bet is lost, we will bet 3 tokens. If we win on the third shot in the next bet we will decrease by one chip (by betting 2) and so on for all subsequent bets. A method certainly interesting at first sight, studied on the mathematical principle but which in reality does not take into account the probable exit of the zeroes that decrease the% of winnings.

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